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Tube Sensei - UTM

An Open Letter to Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and
Business Owners with Websites That Are Secretly Robbing Them Blind

What I’m about to reveal will surely change the way you set up videos in your website. Because 97% or more are using the same old copy and paste embed code from YouTube. Since videos have rapidly evolved the past year, that old and rusty way of setting up videos isn’t very profitable anymore.

If you still want to get huge profits from videos, allow me walk you through a quick journey that led me to a 2x increase in salesovernight.

So, I love creating websites and driving a huge amount of traffic to it and boy it's always an epic experience because I do generate some leads and sales but I sensed there was something missing. If you own a website then this could be happening to you too!

You might be missing this one key ingredient in your site as well. Since there’s a rise of video creation products like Explaindio, EasySketch Pro and VideoMakerFX… many entertaining and engaging videos are popping out every single day.

When you use those videos for profit… has it ever cross your mind that the visitors are glued to one area of your website?

Now once the video is finished, what visitors typically do is leave the website because you simply didn’t engage with them “VISUALLY” and “SUBLIMINALLY”.

What does that mean? Your site is simply leaking money! And the simplest solution is to engage with your visitors with a simple quick step up that will easily be replicable in what I'm about to show you below.

Why should you start engaging with people using video?

People are getting lazier by the day and they want something fast and easy.

You need to show them what they want and the opportunity they will get right in front of their faces.

Using video will increase visitor interaction by as much as 248%.

People who are engaged with your videos are twice as likely to purchase, that's why it's important to focus on getting your viewers to take action.

The key here is to super-charge your videos by automatically conditioning and transforming viewers to become your cash-paying customers unconsciously. And you’ll get the right system that will help you out with that in a bit but before that… let me ask you a question.

Are you going to do the same thing over and over again?

If you think about the quote above, these days...regular digital marketers are too lazy to upgrade their videos with invisible call-to-actions to convert visitors and make more sales.If you want serious income-jacking results,you’ll have to take a different, smarter approach.


Guess what? You don’t need any special technical skills and all that guru tactics to be smarter. You can be a smart digital marketer even if you’re a newbie without any experienceif you just follow the simple 3-step process that will be revealed below.

This ultimate video monetisation plugin will dramatically transform the way videos are being set up in websites.

Pump Some Steroids into Your Website Using This Cutting Edge Technology

We Bring You Ultimate Tube Monster

Shift the Eyes of Your Viewers to Stealthily Get that Click and Increase Your Leads PLUS Sales

If you’re looking for shortcuts to making more sales and even more profits then all you need is a proven and tested COMPLETE SYSTEM that deliver better results. What you’re going to get is a lightweight WordPress Plugin paired up with a fool-proof, proven and tested process that literally takes seconds to set up for you to have a priceless money-making website.

What you’ll get is more than just a plugin, more than just a video-course and more than any typical online product. Once again, this is a complete monetization system that you can replicate so easily just eating like piece of cake.

Imagine What Your Income Would Look Like if
You'Increase Your Leads and Conversions' by a Mile

Make More Sales from Multiple Marketplaces and Sites.

Since there are tons of marketplaces and sites that are offering products out there, each of them will have top sellers. By simple taking advantage of them and adding the top sellers to Ultimate Tube Monster, you’ll only need a video to harness the profit-extracting magic of the plugin.

Save More Time by Using Other People’s Video

Become an experienced and smart digital marketer over night without having to write, record and produce your own marketing video. Grab it from YouTube anytime you want! By using the 3-step process that I’m going to show you below, there’s no need to waste your time perfecting a video to promote and sell products online.

Build A Massive, Responsive Email List Lightning Fast

Transform your email list to a powerhouse that gives you passive income day in and day out. Enjoy the benefits of building a list of responsive leads using a different way that is incredibly cheaper and faster than any list building methods out there. Not to mention, the list you will build will be highly targeted who will devour every email you send.

A Whole New Level Of Sky-Rocketing Sales

Turn a simple YouTube video into a money-grabbing machine packed with unmissable call-to-actions. The moment you linked your video + offer to Ultimate Tube Monster, it will automatically power up your video with a stealth-like curiosity driver. Nothing grabs people’s attention much faster than the need to know what’s next!


Take advantage of the Easy to Use Features of Ultimate Tube Monster

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Here’s the exact process to quickly extract massive profits from your website even if your traffic is tremendously low. You’ll get more customers with every single day that passes. The simple process of embedding videos in your website and “sell” better than anything else.

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Tube Sensei - UTM

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